Unemployed, underemployed, over it!

images-1This is the big white elephant that resides in my living room. That is if I had a living room. Well anyway this elephant is the fucking jobs that are out there and why they suck.

Warning to all this is a rant!

I resent this new system where every employer wants a background check. Yes, I pass them that is not the issue. It is a strong resentment that they are starting off this relationship on the wrong foot already putting me on edge as if I am a criminal. Why must we assume all the world is bad. I’m sure there are a few wack jobs out there but take a chance. This is life it’s all about taking a chance on fellow humans. Expect the best, try that on for size. It couldn’t hurt. This country seems hell-bent on preventing things that are often unpreventable. They want to sue if anything bad happens. Heres a fucking news flash Bad Things Happen, it just is that way sometimes. Often there is no one to blame and often it’s just timing or wrong place wrong time whatever. Move on. We cannot prevent crazy people from anything.

We can not keep out the worry. But we can let in the love.
We are all on this planet together. Last I checked we haven’t found an alternative planet to send people to or escape to, so here we all are trying to live.

1. Give people a chance. Think the best of them until they show you other wise.

2. Don’t concern yourself with someone else’s credit score or credit report. They need a job you have a job you like what you see, give them a shot.

3. Pay a living wage. A real living wage. Not barely scraping by wage.

4. Healthcare, ok this is a big giant pain in my ass. So here it is.
It is for all! End of story.
We cannot pick and choose who can stay healthy and who gets sick. It will happen either way but first we as a civilized society have the responsibility to provide basic care to all. Especially children. Thats it. It’s simple. Get it done. And this bullshit with jobs that do offer health insurance having these 90 day probation period is fucking stupid and useless. If we are alive on this planet from birth to death, employed, unemployed, poor, rich, it should not matter we should be covered. If the insurance companies are not able to figure this out and I doubt they can as they are only in this for a profit, then I say we cut them completely out.
Go back 40-50 years before these blood suckers fucked us all up.
Pay on a sliding scale. I bet most people would find it refreshing. Offer a trade or barter. There must be a better way.
We have brilliant people in this world can we not have them come together and find a solution to the crap we are putting up with?
Find your closest 13-year-old and ask them for solutions. I’m sure it will be better than what we have.

5. All of our time is the same. My time is as precious to me as your time is to you. There is no reason why one person would make 100x more than another. We get paid in exchange for our time. We are all here on this planet for a limited time. We all want the same thing to take care of ourselves and our family and make a LIVING. Not work 40 hours a week and still not be able to pay bills. Not work two jobs and fall behind.
Not everyone would want or be able to do mechanical type jobs, not everyone would want or be able to cut hair, not everyone would want or be able to clean windows all day and so on. There are a large variety of jobs that are done in this world each as important as the next, without one piece of the puzzle take for example the garbage men the whole thing gets pretty stinky. I don’t know if the garbage men make a living wage, I hope they do. But they surely should. Do you want to ride behind a truck full of garbage in the July heat for 8 hrs a day? Why should we pay a person sitting in an air-conditioned office with a suit and tie not even a drop of sweat as he or she goes from climate controlled home to car to office 5 days a week any more than someone working physically hard or doing a job most people couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do.

What if we paid based on how awful the job was. The worse the job, out in the elements, dirty or heavy lifting involved the more it paid. Rather than the opposite what we have now. Why should you have a cushy job and get great pay? Is it just me? You shouldn’t have it both ways easy,enjoyable,interesting and good pay.

How about this for a thought, all jobs are jobs, all need to be done or we wouldn’t have them. We are all here for a limited time we are born we live, work, and die. Some will never retire they will work until they can’t and then who knows what will happen if they are lucky they will drop dead, if they are just too sick to work well then it will be a mess. We need to get rid of this disgusting hierarchy where certain jobs, which truly don’t seem that difficult to me are paid extreme amounts of money while other jobs people can’t get by.

Maybe we should take the highest salaries add them up with the lowest divide by number of people we collected the salaries from get an average and make that the pay for all.
How would it be if we all got paid the same more or less an hour. For those of you with money and savings give it a thought. Think about going without your safety net for 6 months, and during that 6 months, drive a used beat up car or take the bus, no credit, pay rent, live in a house you do not like, work a job you do not care for, get paid way less than what you feel your time and effort are worth, be told what to do and when to do and get criticized for your productivity or lack of speed. Also go without any health insurance for you and your children for 3 of those months, pay cash for any routine or sick visits and the pharmacy. Put off routine things like oil changes, and dental care as much as you can during the 3 months waiting for insurance to kick in. Then when the insurance kicks in realize you still have to contribute from your pay toward the insurance it’s not free, also there are co pays each time. So now your pay check is less.

When you go to the grocery store you know you should shop healthy for your family but the unhealthy items are cheaper and have a very long shelf life. The fresh produce and healthy stuff is not nearly as affordable. But my god the Kool aide is almost given away.

So for those of you who judge or wonder why the poor are fat here’s your answer, it’s the crap they can afford to buy. It’s the single moms working two jobs unable to cook healthy or buy healthy food, it’s the no money and no time for soccer or baseball or camp. It’s here’s the tv sit and watch it I have to work.

We need everybody. Just like nature if you take one thing out of the food chain the entire chain can be affected. Do you people not understand that is what has happened. When people live in squalor and their kids have nothing and are raised without they grow up hopeless, without hope! They give up early, they turn to any form of relief from this crazy backwards world, where some have so much while others have none. They get angry they feel better with drugs. Others get angry and join groups called gangs, they act out like any teenager would, but these teens are likely to get shot and killed. Or die from drugs, certainly they aren’t about to get offered their dream job and move out of poverty. They can’t afford college they know it from a young age. They cannot see the way out. They give up mostly.

At the very least each of you could sponsor one child, or mentor one child. Not your own either. If we are going to stick with the inequality for some or most way of living than the least you could do is help another one who cannot help themselves. Give something to them so they can have a chance and for once see hope. If you think you are not lucky you have no idea. For those who think they owe no one well you are Wrong! All of life is a luck of the draw. Yes you can work hard, but never as hard as these ones digging ditches in the blazing hot son and never as hard as the ones poring asphalt, and not as hard as the ones taking a bus through the snow and rain and heat to their $8.00 hr job for 40 hrs plus working at night at their second job plus taking the bus to buy groceries and dragging them home to their child who is alone because mom has to work but still they can’t have nice things.

So you think you worked hard to get where you are do tell the horror story of being given the opportunity to go to college educate yourself drive your car, rent your apt buy your first house and pay your bills and save money. Ok here’s a hand for that.
No try it with no car, no family, in the poorest part of town, with a child, no health insurance, and two jobs. Ok so enough with this crap.

Take a look at what you have and you know who you are and find a way to help someone, maybe you can hire someone, give them a paid internship someone who otherwise may not have had a chance. Pick someone who would really appreciate a good job. Mentor a kid. Teach them a skill, pay for them to take a vocational course that will lead them to a marketable skill.
Do something with your vast fortune other than fucking landscaping. Take a look in the mirror and start there. Stop hoarding the money. You people are like the kid who hoards all the toys so no one else can play with them. What fun is that?
I promise you will feel better, more alive, more connected, free! Let us know how it goes!

Become a legend!


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